Le’Andria – Praying for Deliverance

Le’Andria Johnson and Donald Lawrence

Le’Andria Delores Johnson has had her share of troubles. Born in 1983 into a musical family, she began singing at age two in her father’s Florida church. She went on to become the praise and worship leader. That is a very promising start for what would become a gospel music phenom. After two divorces, three children and a life of financial struggle, Le’Andria needed a break. She decided to audition for BET’s Sunday Best talent competition.

Unfortunately, the day before she left for the audition, she lost her house to foreclosure. Her friends and family helped her get to New Orleans for the try out. The determined Le’Andria took with her what she could and auditioned in flip flops, socks, and the clothes she had on her back. Her performance of “This is the Day the Lord Hath Made was so powerful, the judges were obliged to overlook her sub par appearance. She went on to win the title Sunday Best on June 20, 2010, thereafter, a Grammy Award and many other accolades for her singing and songwriting.

Success, however did not rid her of a serious problem: alcoholism. This addiction plagued her life and nearly destroyed her singing career. She checked into rehab this spring. She has a new hit song that is number two this week on the Billboard Gospel Radio Air Play Chart and on Hot Gospel 20. Deliver Me (This is My Exodus) by Donald Lawrence and Tri-City Singers featuring Le’Andria Johnson is her heartfelt cry to God for release from the curse of alcoholism. Let us each pray with her, for the sake of her soul, her children, her witness and her ministry.