After experiencing the pain of being abandoned by his father, my dad vowed he would never do that to his kids and their mother. He kept his promise. As a result, his nine sons and four daughters grew up with a living example of what a mature, responsible Christian man looks and loves like. In my work with men and fathers, I have found some of the best dads are those who were raised fatherless, had abusive, neglectful, substance addicted, criminal or otherwise non-supportive fathers. This gives me hope for the millions of children currently living without a loving, nurturing, committed biological father.

Recently, a participant in one of our Dads’ Discussion Groups told of how the book Father Love, the Study Guide, and the weekly sessions were impacting him. Curtis spoke of the immediate change in him as he began to grasp the depth of Heavenly Father’s love. With this growing understanding, he saw for the first time how the way he had been treating his children was falling far short of God’s example of fatherly love. He shared that as he began to put into practice what he was learning, his kids and his wife saw a dramatic difference in him. Watch his brief testimonial video.

That evening, Curtis went on to share with the group that he has begun reaching out to his estranged father to share how he is being impacted as a dad. His father is interested in what Curtis is learning. They have been talking regularly. What a blessing to witness the multi-generational effect of this work!

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