ULM Unleashes New Online Resource.

It’s a simple truth: You must reach people where they are. These days, people are on their mobile devices. Nearly everyone has a smartphone with access to the Internet and apps for just about everything. Another reality is people are busy and not many are willing to commit to attending a class.

Equipping Dads

Halfway through its 18th year of offering programs to support dads and father figures, Urban Light Ministries is taking programs online. The first of ULM’s offerings is the digital rendition of the popular POPS 101. Since 2009, the class has been provided to small groups of men in schools and churches, on college campuses, at social service agencies, in rehab centers, jails, and prisons throughout the Miami Valley. It was created in-house from a vision of Urban Light co-founder and CEO Eli Williams with input from social services expert and trainer Raymond E. Lloyd, Jr. It was further developed with assistance from ULM Board Member Darryl Grayson.

POPS 101 is an introduction to healthy fathering practices. In the small group version, a facilitator leads four 90-minute interactive sessions using slides, video clips, and relaxed conversation. The aim is to help men more fully understand and embrace their important roles as Protectors, Order keepers, Providers and Stabilizers.

POPS 101 Online

The digital rendition of the class may be taken at the participant’s own pace on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. The sessions are brief and include supplemental videos. Upon completion of the course, a certificate is provided for printing off. The Spanish language version of POPS 101 is also available. For a limited time, both versions of POPS 101 Online are free of charge. Watch the Promotional Video here. To learn more or to register now for the online program go here.

What’s Next?

The introductory POPS 101 is designed to whet the desire of participants to want to go deeper in their personal development as a parenting partner. For that, Urban Light offers the scripture-based Father Love Dads Discussion Groups and other resources. Father Love Online is in development, as well as the Spanish language version. We are extremely grateful for the assistance of ULM Board Chairman Bruce Stapleton for his many hours of work on these projects, as well as for the translation services of my dear friends Rainer Zawadski and Carlos De Los Santos. Also on the drawing board at ULM are online resources for parents and children based on The Sonshine Clubs after school ministry.

Partnerships Needed

Our hope is to be able to offer these resources free of charge, or at minimal cost. We need your prayers, talents and financial support in these initiatives. If you would like to learn how you may partner with us, please contact me personally at eli@pastoreliwilliams.com or by phone at 937-408-1050.