As a wealth of research and our personal work with fathers since 2006 demonstrates, children need involved fathers. They have better outcomes on just about every measure when they have a consistently present dad in their lives who is skilled in healthy parenting practices. But, that is only part of the story. Fathers benefit greatly from parenting their kids.

Fathers Need Their Children

A new article in Fatherly.com titled KIDS WITH INVOLVED DADS THRIVE. SO DO THE DADS by Dr. Rob Palkovitz sheds light on the benefits of father involvement for fathers. Palkovitz is Professor of Human Development and Family Sciences of University of Delaware. He studies father-child relationships across cultural contexts, developmental stages, and life transitions. According to the article, “Studies have demonstrated that involved fatherhood improves a man’s cognitive skills, health, and capacity for empathy. It builds his confidence and self-esteem while enhancing emotional regulation and expression.”

Parenting is Good for Men

The article goes on to explain “Involved fathers often say that they have learned to control their anger better or not express negative emotions, such as fear, so readily. They have often also recognized the need to express tender emotions which men, stereotypically, are said to find challenging. Again, their emotional development as fathers carries over into other contexts. It’s good for their marriages and their friendships.” Read the entire article here.

In our work, we seek to affirm dads as important to their children. We also help them to understand how much they benefit from their intimate relationship with their children, and whenever possible, a healthy parenting relationship with the mothers of their kids.

POPS 101

In my book Father Love – The Powerful Resource Every Child Needs, I reveal some of the ways in which childen are better off when their fathers and mothers develop a healthy parenting partnership (whether or not they live together). Obtain a copy at www.thefatherlovebook.com.

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