Kingdom perspective.  That is what millions of Bible-believing Americans are in desperate need of today.  Without it, people are prone to despair, frustration, and anger as the political nastiness all around us grows more intense.  Caught up in the bitter divisiveness are many who identify as Christians, but who are radically devoted to one political ideology or another. These disagreements often cause divisions among friends, in families, at work, and in church.  To stay centered, we must remind ourselves of the basic truths of scripture. Here are ten of them.

  1. Jesus Christ is the Sovereign Lord of all.
  2. He taught His disciples to pray for His Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven.
  3. Christ will return, remove all manmade governments, and establish His rule over all peoples
  4. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of the Father.
  5. This world system is not our eternal home, it is not our friend, and we are not to love or be part of it.
  6. Wholeheartedly loving God and loving our neighbors as ourselves is what God has commanded us.
  7. Spreading the good news of salvation everywhere and making disciples for Christ is our assignment.
  8. We are ambassadors for Christ and His Kingdom, and witnesses of His great love and power.
  9. We are to be peacemakers, as salt of the earth and as light in the world, living godly.
  10. All the while, praying for everyone and for those that have authority in this world, that we may live quiet and peaceful lives.

My prayer for you dear reader, is that in 2021 you will delve deeper into a study of the Word of God and in the process grow closer to Him. That, with a prayerful Kingdom perspective, you will rekindle relationships with your brothers and sisters in Christ, irrespective of political differences.  This will be pleasing to our God and Savior as we eagerly anticipate His return.