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Pastor Eli Williams

Pastor Eli Williams’s passion for fatherhood is rooted in his upbringing and is stoked by his personal work with fathers. Many of whom, for a wide variety of reasons, endure heartache and face tremendous barriers to full participation in the raising of their children. He facilitates Dad’s Discussion Groups in churches and with males at other venues.

He penned the book Father Love in the hope that it would encourage and inspire fathers to make every effort to be an essential part of their children’s lives. He challenges dads to move from good to great as protectors, order keepers, providers, and stabilizers as they follow Christ.

Pastor Eli is the producer, writer, and host of Hot Gospel 20. HG20 is a weekly syndicated radio count down of the planet’s top Gospel songs. HG20 currently airs weekly on radio stations in OH, MA, GA, TX, IL, IN, FL and others; on Internet Radio stations in the US, UK, South America and on the African Continent; also on-demand on TuneIn, ITunes, Stitcher, Podbean, and at www.hotgospel20.com.

He is a pastor at New Hope Church in Springfield, Ohio where he is deeply involved in serving his local community. He also serves as visiting preacher for churches in a wide variety of denominations across the region.

Recognized Leader

Delivering a message with compassion, commitment and authenticity

Recognized Speaker and Discussion Group Leader



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  • Workshops

  • Men’s Groups

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Dad’s Discussion Groups

  • Weekly Sessions with fathers on becoming the best dads they can be
  • Schools, churches, prisons, jails, and rehab centers

Fatherhood Classes

  • Father Love
  • POPS 101

Keynote Topics

Father Love

Pastor Eli is the author of the book, Father Love – The
Powerful Resource Every Child Needs. In it, he explores the
concept of biblical love and considers the applications to
men and dads in today’s world. He leads weekly Dad’s
Discussion Groups where he encourages, inspires and
equips males for their role as leaders.

Harmony and Peace

He doesn’t just talk the talk on this topic. For more than 3
decades, Pastor Eli has been breaking down walls
between Christians through personal relationship building,
small groups, preaching, teaching, singing, broadcasting
and more. His ministry organizations and programs are all
multi-ethnic to their core.