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On the Rebound with Exciting News!!

With the pandemic finally waning, we are at a turning point at Urban Light Ministries. God is moving mightily on several fronts. There is a lot to report. June has been declared Responsible Month in Ohio by Governor Mike DeWine. Juneteenth / FatherFest More...

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The Kingdom of God - 4 Part Sermon Series


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The Kingdom of God | Part 4

The Kingdom of God – Hidden Treasure

Jesus taught His followers to pray for His Kingdom to come. He also indicated His Kingdom is at hand.  How is His Kingdom coming and yet invisibly present?  Using parables, He illustrated:

  • The mysterious nature of His Kingdom
  • The inestimable value of His Kingdom
  • The attainability of His Kingdom for sincere seekers

Watch the conclusion of this 4 part series.

The Kingdom of God | Part 3

The Kingdom of God – Ambassadors for Christ

An ambassador lives temporarily in a foreign land. Their chief concern is allegiance to and alignment with their home government’s goals. Their mission includes faithfully representing the home government and influencing the host nation.

What does all this mean for Christ-followers, and the way we should live? 


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For Christ followers, in these days of uncertainty, mayhem and apprehension caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic, perspective is a key to maintaining personal peace and confidence. IN EVERY “THING” GIVE THANKS With all the bad news swirling around, it is a good time for...

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Coronavirus: A Timely Prayer

Photo by Ric Rodrigues Prayer is always in order. Under the unction of the Holy Spirit, Apostle Paul advised his fellow Christ followers to worry about nothing, but to pray about everything. The Peace of God in your heart and mind results (Philippians 4:6-7). I came...

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Featured HG20 Artist Spotlight: Jonathan McReynolds

He was reluctant to sing. As a youngster of merely five years of age, Jonathan Caleb McReynolds learned to play drums and piano at eight, Even then, his musical genius was on display during worship services at New Original Church of God in Christ in Chicago. He also...

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Dads and Kids Thrive Together

A new article in titled KIDS WITH INVOLVED DADS THRIVE. SO DO THE DADS by Dr. Rob Palkovitz sheds light on the benefits of father involvement for fathers.

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The Bible: Misinterpreted to Justify Slavery – It’s Truth Helped Set Slaves Free

The scriptural truth they ignored is Paul also commanded masters to treat their servants humanely, and with respect (verse 9). Again… nothing at all like the ungodly treatment of captured Africans by white American slaveholders for 300
As soon as they learned to read English, freed slaves began to read the Bible and they learned the truth. That there is only one race – the human race – all from Adam and Eve. That there in one Savior, Jesus Christ, the second Adam.

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POPS 101 is an introduction to healthy fathering practices. In the small group version, a facilitator leads four 90-minute interactive sessions using slides, video clips, and relaxed conversation. The aim is to help men more fully understand and embrace their important roles as Protectors, Order keepers, Providers and Stabilizers. It is now available online.

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